This intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically minimizes visible lines and wrinkles. Infusions of marine collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and rose essential oil aid in the healing and rejuvenating results. This treatment tightens and plumps the skin resulting in the resurgence of a more youthful, flawless appearance for a radiant complexion. Ideal for fatigued and mature skin. 

50 minutes $170/ 80 minutes $230 

This luxurious treatment works wonders on the most sensitive and stressed skin with the healing and reparative of authentic gold flakes. The peel gently yet effectively penetrates the deepest layers of dull cells removing embedded pollutants. Bearberry active extract inhibits pigment formation and keeps skin bright while Desert Cactus Agave supports skin cells. This is gentle enough for any skin type and stage.

50 minutes $160 

Plant based antioxidants are utilized to revive dull, fatigued skin. A thorough cleansing and exfoliation is followed by a revitalizing facial massage. A powerful triple-phase Vitamin C treatment is utilized to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and leave the skin looking refreshed and beautifully luminous.

50 minutes $170/ 80 minutes $220

Perfect for oily and acne prone skin. This proven facial treatment addresses the major symptoms of acne to help purify and normalize the complexion. First a mild acid dis-encrusting peel is used to soften the surface of the skin and begin the deep cleansing process. Then a deep pore extraction is performed to remove the impurities responsible for causing inflamed breakouts. A special post-extraction serum reduces redness and inflammation to increase the skin’s repair response.

50 minutes $160/ 80 minutes $210

Sensitive, after-sun, flushed or over-heated complexion in need of calm will sigh with relief during this soothing facial. Red and brown algae extracts are key to boost circulation and hydrate the skin. A gentle cleansing and exfoliation process create a smooth skin texture in preparation for a targeted anti-blotch serum that reduces redness on the spot. Lastly a cooling, anti-inflammatory facial mask is massaged over the skin to help it fight environmental stress for a more peaceful complexion. 

50 minutes $170/ 80 minutes $220 

A clinical treatment specifically formulated to work on the face and the neck, providing intense immediate hydration and lifted appearance. Improves the skin’s elasticity for more radiant skin. Perfect for public and special events. 

80 minutes $240 

This express treatment is a condensed version of our tailored facials. Personalized to what your skin requires, this facial is ideal to add-on to any of your spa services or when you are short on time.

25 minutes $89

Collagen Face Boost $30 

Collagen Eye Boost $25 

Collagen Neck $20 

Collagen Decolette $20 

Glycolic Acid Peel: For photo aging, dull skin and imperfections. $25 

Lactic Acid Peel: For dry flaky skin and first time peel. $25 

Derm-Renewal Peel: For congested skin, lines and wrinkles. $25 

Salicylic Acid Peel: For oily or acne prone skin. $25 

Red/Blue/Amber Light Therapy $25 

Pro-biotic Serum $10 

BT Accent Air Oxygen Mask $40 

Every skin type needs hydration to look and feel amazing, and this treatment is perfect when you want that extra boost. Enriching rose extracts and hip oil help skin restore vital hydration and balance. A warmed rose quartz massage helps to increase circulation. Products used in this facial are rich in essential fatty acids and natural humectants. This facial infuses the skin with moisture keeping it smooth and glowing.

50 minutes $150/ 80 minutes $205

FDA cleared, each LED wave length of light color used provides unique therapeutic benefits. When the light spectrum penetrates the skin over the serum and mask it helps to energize cells, stimulate collagen production, smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well as helps to destroy acne causing bacteria. Perfect for all skin types. 

50 minutes $170 / 80 minutes $230