Massage Therapy

45 min Solo Sauna Dome and Halotherapy Session - $145

For those looking to add warmth to their day this is the perfect service. Unwind the mind with our unique heated crushed quartz bed that we blend with a far infrared sauna cabin that emits healing far infrared warmth deep into the body for a gentle detox, immune boost, muscle and joint soother. While the crushed quartz cradles the body and the warm rays relax muscles a gentle air roller moves back and forth from your hips to your shoulders in a wave like motion to create a deep sense of relaxation. This is followed by a 15 minute healthy Halotherapy session. This combination makes it our most requested no touch services.

Massages – Unwind and let our specialist work with you on a tailored massage just for you. Our custom massages allow you to meet your goals by blending various massage techniques and includes heated pack, our unique gemstone Far Infrared heated table, heated gemstones and speciality gemstone infused oils. Whether you are in need of a relaxing Swedish massage, a Deep Pressure tension release,  Sports muscle recovery or Pressure Point  therapy this service is perfect for you.

The 30 minute will focus on the back of the body only and the 60 and 90 minutes will include the full body excluding the face. 

Guests must wear a mask for the entirety of the service and spa usage. 

Services - 30 minute Massage $120, 60 minute Massage $180 and 90 minute massage $240.