Massage Therapy

Our massages begin with a gentle foot exfoliation ritual, include heated stones throughout the treatment, a heated back pad, enhanced infrared heated table with a brief vibrational session.  Services blend the healing properties of stones with quartz infused oils for one-of-a-kind service. Indigenous botanical and essential oils bring the healing elements of native plants to encourage and support an overall sense of well-being.


A heated gemstone massage using our very own custom carved Sunstones. Sunstones were known for aiding in mental clarity, providing a positive outlook, warming the heart and giving strength. We combine this with gemstone infused essential oils of rose, sandalwood and vetiver to restore, increase optimism and are reparative to the skin. This head to toe service includes a luxurious scalp repair massage and deep repair foot scrub leaving you re-energized and renewed. 90 minutes $245


This Swedish-inspired massage of light-to-medium pressure uses the aromatic local desert botanicals of sage and lavender reminiscent of a walk in the desert canyons to help increase immune function, reduce stress levels and boost fatigue. Heated stones of fluorite and magnesite relax muscles and settle the nerves. 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $240


A relaxing Swedish massage using light-to-medium pressure to calm the mind and body while relaxing muscle tension and improving circulation. Heated gemstones of Sodalite and magnesite bring deep relaxation and help calm the mind for increased clarity and focus. Our revered sesame oil, rich in zinc, boosts collagen, helping to heal and regenerate the skin. 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $240


Utilizing Eastern techniques of Shiatsu, Thai and Reflexology this massage re-energizes, balances and soothes the body, muscles and joints. A medley of sandalwood, peppermint and vetiver infused with arnica releases anxiety, energizes the mind and assists with immune function. Heated gemstones of aventurine and fluorite remove exhaustion and aid in mental balance. 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $240


A Deep massage that relieves tight muscles, and aches, while reducing inflammation. The blend of sage, arnica and lavender heals while relaxing the mind. Heated gemstones of unakite and magnesite aid in releasing tension. This customized blend of deeper muscle therapy and pressure points effectively relieves tight, problematic and sore muscles. 60 minutes $180 / 90minutes $240


A very light pressured massage, this begins with a dry mitt exfoliating treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system. A light lymphatic massage technique is performed with infused oils of rosemary and cypress to support the adrenal system, increase circulation, diminish muscle aches and reduce edema. Heated stones of serpentine and aventurine purify and restore balance. 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $240


A gentle massage designed for expectant mothers to enhance physical and emotional well-being. The techniques are performed to take pressure off the lower back and relax restless legs. We use a healing blend of rose maroc, ylang-ylang and tangerine to aid in mental clarity, add elasticity of the skin, and induce deep relaxation. 30 minutes $120 / 60 minutes $180


This ancient Chinese therapeutic work assists the body’s natural meridian system using pressure points on the feet to impact the body. Our custom Gemstone scrub with arnica exfoliates and relieves tension from tired legs and feet. Steamed heated towels are placed before a blend of sandalwood, vetiver and peppermint is applied to aid in relaxation and dissolve anxiety. Aventurine and fluorite stones dissolve fatigue and boost the immune system. 60 Minutes $170


A power-packed session with a muscle relaxing combination of heated gemstones and an applied heat pack with oils of arnica and lavender for a total tension reduction. This treatment concentrates on common problem areas using therapeutic techniques for quick muscle releases and overall relaxation. 30 minutes $120


Lymphatic Dry Exfoliation Treatment

A dry mitt exfoliation aids in stimulating the lymphatic system, removing dead skin cells and increasing circulation..........................................................$10

Moroccan Hair Treatment

During your scalp massage a calming gemstone infused essential oil blend is used to add a healthy shine and glow to remove dullness and clear the scalp of impurities..........................................$10