Just for Two

Let us help you reconnect with a luxury service in one of our couple’s suites. This treatment will promote healing and regenerate the skin with rose, sandalwood and vetiver. A heated gemstone blend enhances the effects of deep relaxation and clarity. This custom massage uses light-to-deep pressure to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation.

60 minutes $370 / 90 minutes $490

A full-body custom scrub made of our luxurious desert sea salts and gemstone-infused oils creates the unique service you have been looking for. A Sunstone custom massage will use the heated gemstones and rose quartz-infused oils that work in harmony together. This treatment will unwind tension and soften the skin leaving you renewed and totally refreshed.

90 minutes $540


To share together, a calming, luxurious private bath customized with your choice of four therapeutic mineral salt blends to mineralize the body and fill the air with aromatic essential oils. This is followed with our heated sunstone massage, known for aiding in mental clarity, promoting a positive outlook, and providing strength. Infused essential oils of the desert arnica, sage and lavender to restore energy, increase optimism and is reparative to the skin.

90 minutes $450



This treatment applies rich healing properties of milk and Fiji honey infused with extracts from coconut and mango flowers blended into a warm bath. A luxurious coconut sugar scrub rich in B vitamins, zinc and magnesium is used to exfoliate dead skin. A nourishing milk and honey infused coconut massage oil with heated stones melt away muscle tension and unwind the mind.

120 minutes $585